Exceptional grants for third-country nationals subject to visa, fulfilling requirements


Since July 25th 2017, asylum seekers subject to a visa received, under certain conditions, an additional in-cash return assistance.
This increase has allowed many Afghans, Pakistanis or Sudanese to choose a voluntary return: in 2017, return assistance concerned 970 Afghans while they were 529 in 2016 and 27 in 2015.

This exceptional increase is maintained for people registered until April 30th 2018. The total amount of return assistance can then reach € 2,500 per person (€ 2,000 if a reintegration project is considered).

This exceptional increase concerns irregular migrants, in particular rejected asylum seekers, or those who have abandoned their application and who are accommodated in asylum seekers' centers or return preparation centers. This increase applies only to nationals of countries subject to a visa (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan, Bangladesh, Iraq ...).