Narek, strawberry producer

« I’m glad to be home, to live in my house, in my country. »

In 2011, Narek Yesayan left his native village Garni in Armenia to go to France. Here, he became familiar with the strawberry greenhouse cultivation. After three years, he was missing his family, his house and his country, so he decided to go back to Armenia and start his own agricultural production business.

With the help of OFII, he started a little family business specialized in the greenhouse cultivation of strawberries and fruits that he sells in large quantities to different markets. He also manages the production of dried fruits, jam, juices and stewed fruits. He also has a little farm where he raises chicken to produce organic eggs. His activity allows him to generate an adequate monthly income.

Thanks to his social worker in France, Narek became aware of the OFII programs that help to create a new business. After having submitted his project, OFII helped him to consolidate his business plan and financed part of the project by providing him with the glasses of his greenhouse, the sprout and the seeds.

Today, Narek is 32 years old, he is married and has a 5-month little boy. He says “I’m glad to be home, to live in my house, in my country. Abroad, we don’t have 10% of the possibilities we have here.”