Papa, manager

« I am really happy in Senegal »

Papa Ibrahima Diobaye grew up in Senegal. After a short period in the University of Dakar, he chose to pursue his studies in France in order to develop his knowledge and competences. However he considered to return to his country someday to start his professional activity and start a family. He got this idea when he heard the speech of the ADEPME manager who raised him awareness about the importance of the “made in Senegal”.

His experience in teaching and engineering led him to think about creating a chalk production company in Senegal in order to replace the foreign importation and contribute to the economic development of his country. He called OFII who took an interest in his project: “Without OFII, it would have been really difficult to create Sencraie”, he says.

Thanks to the business start-up assistance, he received a financial contribution but also an individual support in business start-up and project study. During a year, he was supported by a consultant expert chosen by OFII.

Today, Papa Ibrahima Diobaye says that he is “really happy in Senegal”. Founder of the first chalk production business in Thiès, Senegal, he manages a team, as well as the staff and all the production from A to Z.