Who are we?

Created in 1945, The Office Français de l'Immigration et de l'Intégration (OFII, French Office for Immigration and Integration -) is now the only French State’s operator in charge of immigration procedures (family, student and professional), the reception of asylum seekers, the integration of new arrivals and the voluntary return and reintegration of foreign nationals.

As a public establishment whose history symbolises France’s ability to adapt to migratory changes, to welcome and support foreign nationals, OFII is the essential point of contact in the migration plans of non-European foreign nationals, both when they arrive in France and when they go back home to their own countries.

OFII has 31 regional offices both in cities and in the country’s overseas dependencies and 7 representative offices abroad. In order to help to deal with both the migration crisis and the implementation of the European relocation agreement, OFII also has offices staffed by liaison officers in Italy and used to in Greece.

Volontary Return

You may eligible if...

  • Your asylum application has been rejected
  • You have to leave the country
    (OQTF – Obligation to Leave French Territory)
  • You do not have legal status

What if you want to go back home?

OFII can help you to do it

You present your plan to an OFII adviser

Together you choose a programme which is right for you

If you do not have a passport, the OFII will help you with the formalities

You work with your adviser to organise your journey back home

Reintegration - What happens with you plan further down the line?

A job, setting up a business - the OFII can help you to get things going.

Moving back (level 1)

Finding a job (level 2)

Setting up a small business (level 3)